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Dangerous Speech on Social Media

 A project undertaken in association with Facebook to create a methodology through which Facebook could read and gauge which idioms and linguistic motifs unique to Pakistan can qualify as hate speech, threats or incitements to violence. 


Engage is also interested in exploring the overlap between health (be it mental, physical or sexual) and law by exploring issues of legal gaps, implementation gaps or social misconceptions that surround various problems, particularly mental health problems.

Report on Violent Discourse Against Minorities


Identifying and analyzing violent narratives and discourse that are explicitly positioned against minorities and proliferated by radical or supremacist groups with the intent to understand and counter them

Digital Library of Classical Fiqh Texts


Compilation and translation of authoritative positions of all four Sunni schools of Islamic legal thought on the issue of blasphemy

Mercy in the Prophetic Tradition

highlight the aspect of mercy, penitence and forgiveness as demonstrated in both the Prophetic tradition

Judicial Interpretation of 295-C

A reading, appraisal and analysis of the Federal Shariat Court’s decision to remove the option of life imprisonment from section 295-C of the Pakistan Penal Code.

Misrepresentation of Blasphemy in the Pakistani Social Imaginary

A snapshot of the individuals and organizations that, either with intent or through error, misrepresent the Islamic legal tradition on the issue of blasphemy as well as the ways in which this misrepresentation manifests.

Blasphemy Legislation in Other Muslims Countries


A tabular compilation of laws that directly or indirectly deal with the concept of blasphemy and insulting religion(s) in Muslims countries apart from Pakistan

Litigation Manual for Lawyers