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Undergraduate Students and Fresh Graduates interested in:

  • Law and Policy
  • Politics and Sociology
  • Anthropology and History
  • Digital Illustration and Animation

The paid internship presents a unique opportunity for students and fresh graduates alike to work in a creative and interdisciplinary environment from 15th June to 15th August. Fill out the form below or email at

Deadline: 5th June 2017


Name of your College/University


Mobilizing Blasphemy Law Research and Resources:

Interest Areas: Law and Policy, Politics
Time: 15th June to 15th August (8 weeks)
Working with government and non-government bodies, human rights organizations and seminaries to engage in a meaningful conversation using 6 years of research by the institution and the personnel involved; the goal will be to proliferate the research, build and maintain linkages with a plethora of stakeholders and help sustain productive dialogue.
Understanding the relationship between the blasphemy law and private incidents of justice/violence. Investigating root causes of escalating vigilante justice and the substantial role that the state and non-state stakeholders can play in engaging with and reversing this escalation. 

Political Activism surrounding Ishq-e-Rasool

Interest Areas: Anthropology and History
Time: 15th June to 15th August (8 weeks)
An ethnographic research into political activism surrounding the love of Prophet PBUH in South Asia. A part of Muslim Identity throughout history has been a personal connection with and love for the Prophet Muhammad PBUH. This love has manifested in society in a variety of ways ranging from deeply spiritual personal experiences to ritualized practices that have a more uniform or communal nature.  Pakistan has experienced an escalating violence in the name of loving the Prophet PBUH in a manner that seems unprecedented in scope and nature. This 8 week stint aims to kick-start a research project that studies and examines the history of social and political movements as well as activism (violent and non-violent) that have, as a central or important feature, some form of love for the Prophet PBUH. The goal will be to describe the forms through which this love is expressed and voiced, the means used to carry out this expression and, importantly, the way this concept is utilized as a rallying cry, weapon, catalyst and endpoint in order to construct a predictive model with which to preempt future instances of such movements.  

Urdu Digital Media on Civic Education

Interest Areas: Politics, Education and Digital Art
Time: 15th June to 15th August (8 weeks)
Promotion of foundational knowledge of equal citizenship, the constitution and democratic process and dispel that rights-based discourse is a foreign or insidious import. This form of civic education shall rely on dynamic, tailor-made content for indigenous consumption (including innovative use of digital animation in Urdu and other regional languages) across multiplatform awareness channels and strategic institutional collaborations. Project aims to equip a significant, previously untapped audience, with tools to converse in, comprehend, own and imbibe civil rights values and democratic principles as indigenous, relevant and personal. For details, visit 


Creating space for dialogue and debate, strategically engaging all stakeholders working towards a society where the marginalized are not systemically targeted using Legal Devices or Religious Instruments. Limiting the influence of attempts to encroach upon the values of an integrated society through Research, Media, Dialogue and Reform


Interns will be classified into two broad categories working on the three projects with the core team


Researchers will be required to work with the core team using primary and secondary resources. Interns will be expected to think creatively and work collaboratively in an interdisciplinary environment. This will be a chance for interns to apply what they have learned in their academic experiences to real life cases in a framework committed to indigenous resources.  Students with interest in Law, Social Science and Humanities are encouraged to apply

Digital Artists

Students and Fresh Graduates with interest in Digital Art, Illustration, Character Design, Animation, Motion Graphics and Video Editing will intern with a core team to develop creative ways to mobilize research and create Urdu digital content. Applicants must have experience with at least one of the following software: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Animate or After Effects. Artists who work in traditional medium can also be considered for concept work

Students/Fresh Graduates interested in inter disciplinary research, character illustrations, motion graphics and animation will find a creative space to work towards civic empowerment and positive social change