Procurement Documentation:

Preparation, review, updating of project specific bidding documents and RFPs on PEC, WB, ADB or other requested formats in line with PPRA Rules and PEC regulations; standardization of organization specific procurement documents not limiting to bidding, pre-qualification, evaluation & various forms; preparation of PC-1 and other relevant reports. Bid Evaluation: Evaluation of bids/ proposals for construction and consultancy contracts, pre-qualification of constructors and consultants.

Dispute Adjudication:

Adjudicator, the Engineer, and Conciliator for specific projects; and assisting in arbitration and claim settlement processes.

Processing Claims:

Drafting and processing of claims not limiting to price adjustments, extension of time, unforeseen conditions, force majeure, suspension of works, idle time.

Techno Legal service:

Contract interpretation, Local regulations, Local licensing requirements for International contractors and consultants for commercial presence; taxation, insurances & importation procedures; Local arbitration laws.

Cost Analysis:

Cost review and analysis of the bills to determine project specific formula for price adjustments as envisaged in PEC standard bidding documents and FIDIC with IT support.

Training Program:

All aspects of engineering procurements of goods, works and services for group of personnel of the Employer, contractors, consultants and other relevant institutions by holding lectures, workshops, seminars and short courses.

IT Consultancy and Automation:

Business Process Re-engineering and automation, implementation of Information Systems and executive support systems that enable better engineering and managerial decision.