Key Experiences:

Software development, Information Systems Requirement Engineering, Project Management, Business Process Re-Engineering, E-Commerce Consultancy, Office automation, Distance Project Management.

Career Profile:

Has a streak of entrepreneurial experiences, setting up a state of the art IT consultancy 4 years ago with an emphasis on Business Process Automation, Task Management Software, Enterprise Resource Planning Software and Project Management Solutions. Overlooks the internal IT operations as well as provides automation solutions to the clients providing frameworks that increase efficiencies, decrease cost and improves risk management paradigms. With the advancement of IT in the field of engineering and its incorporation in cost estimation, analysis, project management, process automation, financial estimations and ERP implementation, the choice of a young entrepreneur with a flair for new technological application and solutions provides an edge to TLC compared to its local competitors.

Managed the development and design projects for over 30 firms around the world in Evelop. Developed a Task Management Software and the Web Portal for Dynamic Equipment Controls in Pakistan. Designed the Web Presence for Wahid Sons in Pakistan. Lead a team of developers in the development of an inventory management software for iFurnishU, Canada. Project also invovled integration of the physical store's database with the online presence, development of an e-commerce portal, integration of the sales module and setup of a customized high security payment module. Lead a team of developers and designers in the design and development of an automated acitivty scheduler and agenda builder for Nuance, United States. Project also involved documentation of the design and a back end administration panel.


B.Sc Honors (Computer Science)-2007 National University – FAST


Geographical Experience

Saudi Arabia, Pakistan

Professional Experience : 4 years

CEO and Founder – Evelop Solutions

June 2005-June 2010